Have a heart, save my liver Act!

Dear all,

This Valentine’s Day, February 14th, Médecins du Monde and Treatment Action Group (TAG) invite you to join us in asking Merck and Roche to drastically reduce prices for their lifesaving hepatitis C treatment, pegylated interferon.

Although hepatitis C can be cured, it kills more than 350 000 people each year. People continue to die from hepatitis C because the exorbitant cost of Merck’s Peg-Intron and Roche’s Pegasys makes it impossible for governments to provide it and people to access it.

Our campaign asks Merck and Roche to drastically and immediately reduce prices, making possible for low- and middle-income countries to provide essential medicines to the tens of millions of people who need them.

You can show your support by sending the Valentine’s Day card to leaders at Merck and Roche (see email addresses below) this February 14th. Copy the visual into the body of your email; the subject line should read, “Have a heart, save my liver!”

Please spread this call to action to your networks; the more cards we send, the more of an impact our action will have!

alexander.klauser@roche.com ; silvia.dobry@roche.com ; daniel.grotzky@roche.com ; stepan.kracala@roche.com ; alice.spinas@roche.com ; brussels.internet@roche.com ; christel.van-weert@roche.com ; brussels.pharma_business_services@roche.com ; austria.communications@roche.com ; diagnostics.austria@roche.com ; pharma.austria@roche.com ; tokyo.cto-contacts@roche.com ; indianapolis.mediarelations@roche.com ; lucas.urquijo@roche.com ; manuela.dominguez@roche.com ; francisco.aguilar-alvarez@roche.com ; brasil.comunicacao_corporativa@roche.com ; brasil.comunicacao@roche.com ; cristiane.barbieri@imagemcorporativa.com.br ; welwyn.corporate_affairs@roche.com ; laurence.seguillon-pignard@roche.com ; gisele.calvache@roche.com ;

media.relations@merckgroup.com ; steven.cragle@merck.com ; kelley.dougherty@merck.com ; pamela.eisele@merck.com ; caroline.lappetito@merck.com ; ian.mcconnell@merck.com ; ronald.rogers@merck.com ; heather_collins2@merck.com ; isabelle_girault@merck.com ; service@merckgroup.com ; contact@merck.fr

@Roche Have a heart, save my liver ! #HCV www.hepCoalition.org
@Merck Have a heart, save my liver ! #HCV www.hepCoalition.org
It’s possible for @Merck and @Roche to drop their prices #HCV www.hepCoalition.org

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