mapCrowd: What’s New in 2019?

Let’s explore together the new feature of mapCrowd.2

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In this new version, a comment area has been created.
This area is related to each data point where you’ll be able to provide sources of the data or/and give more details about a data point.
Note that your comments will be automatically translated into the 3 others languages.

In the 2019 updated version, some questions that are out-of-date have been removed:
- in section 2. HCV Diagnostics: The questions on alpha-feto-protein and Abdominal ultrasound.
« Why have these been removed ? » We are moving into other, more simplified developments in diagnostics , and these questions do not relate to widespread practices in many countries or they do not reflect better practices in clinical care since the updated WHO testing and treatment guidelines (2018).

- in section 3. HCV Treatment: Simeprevir (Olysio®) and Ombitasvir/paritaprevir/ritonavir (Viekirax® + Exviera®)
With pangenotypic DAAs regimens now available, these treatments have low uptake and are less optimal or tolerable, particularly for more patients with more difficult-to-treat genotypes or liver disease.

New questions have been added:
And to fit with the latest development new questions have been added:
- in section 2. HCV Diagnostics:
2.6 Nucleic acid testing (NAT) – (DNA/RNA) platforms

These platforms perform HCV RNA test and detect the presence of the virus and distinguish persons with chronic HCV infection from those who have spontaneously cleared the infection.
Abbott, Roche, and Cepheid are the main NAT companies in market shares for these platforms.

- in section 3. HCV Treatment, Availibility and prices of DAAs
2 new pangenotypic drugs (or drugs that show high curative rates for all subtypes of the hepatitis C virus) are now included in the mapCrowd: Glecaprevir + Pibrentasvir (Maviret®) and Sofosbuvir + velpatasvir + voxilaprévir (Vosevi®)

And a new set of questions related to intellectual property barriers have been added.

3.3 Has there been patent term extension (beyond the standard 20 years) on the following medicines in your country?
3.4 Is there any initiative to overcome patents barriers and curb excessive prices in your country?
3.5 Data exclusivity
Does the law of your country provide data exclusivity?
Can data exclusivity be waived under certain circumstances?

Finally, in section 4. HCV policy, Harm reduction services, 4 questions have been added:
Question 4.3 focuses on the availability of harm reduction services within the country as well as in closed settings, such as prisons.

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