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Civil Society Monitoring of Harm Reduction in Europe 2022

Correlation – European Harm Reduction Network (C-EHRN) released the 2022 Monitoring Data Report, Civil Society Monitoring of Harm Reduction in Europe 2022, presenting the perspectives of civil society organisations in the harm reduction field in Europe.

2022 was one of the most consequential years in recent European history, witness to a series of overlapping crises: the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic, Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, fast-growing population displacements, the Mpox outbreak, shrinking civil society spaces and the deepening of socioeconomic inequalities, among others.

Within this context, C-EHRN’s monitoring activities have been embedded with increased urgency. Whilst the effects of these developments have been felt in nearly everyone’s life, people who use drugs and other marginalised and underserved communities have particularly and disproportionately experienced its negative consequences. Equally, harm reduction organisations in Europe have been put to the test.

In combination with advocacy, applying civil society-led monitoring tools is crucial to hold governments accountable and improve the care and support that people who use drugs receive and their environments.


Across its four chapters, the Monitoring Data Report 2002 presents an in-depth analysis of Essential Harm Reduction Services, Hepatitis C & Drug Use, and New Drug Trends in Europe. The adapted 2022 Civil Society Monitoring framework incorporates experiences from past years, extending and complementing its methodology. This allowed the collection of more reliable qualitative information and the involvement of more experts per country.

Read the full Monitoring Data Report 2022


C-EHRN monitoring activities aim to improve knowledge and information, complement existing data and monitor efforts in Europe, and support advocacy at the local, national, and international levels. To support this, C-EHRN launched an Executive Summary of its Data Report 2022 in ten different languages.

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C-EHRN hosted an online launch and discussion of the 2022 Monitoring Report on the 23rd February. During this webinar, key findings and results in Essential Harm Reduction Services, Hepatitis C and Drug Use, and New Drug Trends in Europe were discussed. Implications and opportunities for civil society advocacy, service provision and policy development were also addressed.

Watch the full recording here.