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EuroNPUD Technical Briefing: Community-Led Approaches to HCV Testing, Treatment and Care

EuroNPUD released a technical briefing Community-Led Approaches to HCV Testing, Treatment and Care.

The key argument for community-led approaches to hepatitis C (HCV) testing, treatment and care is that they are highly effective in increasing HCV testing and treatment uptake and retention rates among people who use drugs due to their unique advantage in providing privileged access. This access is a crucial pathway, allowing for multiple points of entry essential for reaching both the treatment and non-treatment populations.

As highlighted in the case studies included in the Technical Briefing, the impact of peer workers and drug user activists on the expansion of HCV testing, treatment and care is substantial. Their dedication aligns seamlessly with the strategic objective of saturating peer networks with essential resources and knowledge, thereby facilitating broad access to comprehensive HCV testing, treatment and care. The briefing includes two case studies that spotlight successful community-led approaches in Portugal and Norway, offering valuable insights into the effectiveness of integrating peer-led initiatives into HCV healthcare strategies.

Download the Technical Briefing below.