CABs LAT CAB (2021-present)

LAT CAB Video Presentation

The Long-Acting Technologies Community Advisory Board (LAT CAB) was created in 2021 to ensure community engagement with researchers working on the development of long-acting technologies under the Unitaid-funded LONGEVITY project.

It consists of 12 members from 11 low- and middle-income countries with excellent knowledge based on technical skills, activism experience, engagement with civil society networks, and quality of application materials. The LAT CAB is co-coordinated by Treatment Action Group (TAG) and Afrocab Treatment Access Partnership, and the members are people with lived experiences with malaria, tuberculosis, and hepatitis C virus (HCV) with strong civil society and policy experiences who may benefit from the development of long-acting medicines.

In a video, LAT CAB members describe the goal of the CAB, how long-acting therapies for malaria, latent TB prevention and HCV cure will benefit affected communities, and what they have gained from their LAT CAB membership.

The video is available in English, French, and Spanish.