CABs LAT CAB (2021-present)

Long-Acting Technologies Trials Tracker for Hepatitis C, Opioid Use and Overdose Prevention Therapy, and Malaria

The Unitaid-funded LONGEVITY project aims to develop long-acting formulations for malaria and latent tuberculosis (TB) prevention and a single-injection cure for hepatitis C virus (HCV) for low- and middle-income countries, as these diseases disproportionately affect children, poor and marginalized communities, people who use drugs, and people living with HIV.

As a partner in the LONGEVITY project, Treatment Action Group (TAG) released a trials tracker providing information on the development of long-acting HCV, malaria, and opioid use and overdose prevention therapy formulations and serving as a single reliable source for ongoing trials given the potential to use the same nanotechnology platform to produce a mass scale of different long-acting formulations.