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TAGline: Delivering on the Promise of Long-Acting Formulations

Treatment Action Group (TAG) released TAGline October 2021 issue, Delivering on the Promise of Long-Acting Formulations.

This issue of TAGline delves deep into the development of long-acting formulations for the treatment and prevention of infectious diseases like HIV, TB, hepatitis C, and malaria. Long-acting medications have become common for conditions such as osteoporosis and schizophrenia, and they’re even used for birth control. Long-acting medicines and preventives can improve adherence and facilitate care, in turn helping patient outcomes. But only if they are designed to meet the needs of the end users, and available, affordable, and accessible. These articles explores the promise — and pitfalls to avoid — of long-acting and extended release technologies for HIV, TB, hepatitis C, and malaria.

In this issue of TAGline:

Delivering on the Promise of Long-Acting Technologies
By Susan Swindells and Mark Harrington

Know Your CAB: Community Experts Shaping the Long-Acting Technologies Pipeline
By Bryn Gay, Joelle Dountio Ofimboudem, and Kenly Sikwese

Terraforming the Policy Landscape to Enable Access to Long-Acting Technologies
By Annette Gaudino and Suraj Madoori

PrEPared? Long-Acting PrEP Access in Communities Marginalized by the U.S. Healthcare System
By Abraham Johnson

The Challenge of Diagnosing HIV Infection in LA PrEP Users
By Richard Jefferys

Injectables Redux: Developing Acceptable Long-Acting Formulations for TB Prevention Amidst a Push for All-Oral Treatment
By David Branigan

Developing Long-Acting Cures to Accelerate the End of Hepatitis C: Interview with Dr. Dave Thomas
By Erica Lessem, Bryn Gay, Joelle Dountio Ofimboudem, Annette Gaudino, and Elizabeth Lovinger

Long-Acting Therapy for Malaria Prevention: Toward a Malaria-Free World
By Joelle Dountio Ofimboudem

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Source: Treatment Action Group