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Substantial Concordance Between Transient Elastography and APRI and FIB-4 Combination Amongst Hepatitis C Inmates with Non-Advanced Liver Fibrosis

A multi-center retrospective study, published in Revista Española de Sanidad Penitenciaria, sought to establish concordance between transient elastography (TE) and non-invasive markers (NIM) APRI and FIB-4 combination in chronic hepatitis C patients with non-advanced liver fibrosis (NALF) in two different Barcelona prisons.

Most of the HCV infected inmates have no ALD, and in such cases concordance between NIM/TE is substantial. The NIM can be used to shorten the evaluation time and prescribe the treatment faster, especially if the length of stay in prison is short and risk of transmission is high.

Full study results can be accessed here.