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Webinar: Developing National Testing Strategies to Reach the Elimination Goals

On 11 October 2022, a Hep Test webinar was conducted, Developing national testing strategies to reach the elimination goals: Findings from the HEAT Project and plans for future studies.

The Hepatitis Evaluations to Amplify Testing and Treatment (HEAT) project was started in 2020 by the Coalition for Global Hepatitis Elimination to provide catalytic grants to local coalitions of partners to 1) Assess the epidemiological burden of HBV and HCV 2) Assess the laboratory capacity for HBV and HCV testing 3) Model future testing strategies for elimination and 4) Develop improved testing recommendations and national policies. To date, the Coalition has funded 6 projects in Vietnam, Ghana, Moldova, Uruguay, Malawi, and Nigeria. The webinar brought together partners leading past and current projects to present lessons learned, share results, and discuss how these types of projects can be leveraged for national planning to drive elimination efforts.

Full details about the webinar are available here.

The webinar can be watched here: