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Call for New Global Long-Acting Technologies CAB Members from Asian, Central African, Eastern European, MENA, and Latin American Countries

Treatment Action Group (TAG) and the African Community Advisory Board (AfroCAB) are excited to share an expanded call for a new cross-disease long-acting technologies (LAT) community advisory board (CAB) focused on malaria, the hepatitis C virus (HCV), and latent TB infection (LTBI) for a 4-year tenure, 2022-2024. We are seeking community members from Asian, Central African, Eastern European, Middle Eastern and North African (MENA), and Latin American countries to join 11 other CAB members from around the world.

The LONGEVITY Project, funded by Unitaid, aims to develop novel, long-acting therapeutics for HCV and preventives for malaria and LTBI. The LAT CAB will not work directly on HIV long-acting injectables, but will learn from the science and lessons in the HIV field to inform work in these other disease areas.

TAG and AfroCAB are supporting the creation and coordination of a LAT CAB, and invite applications from strong, research-literate treatment activists and community leaders in high-burden malaria, HCV, and TB countries and from affected communities and networks. People with lived experience, including people living with and affected by HIV, HCV, TB, and/or malaria; people who use or inject drugs; men who have sex with men; people from the LGBTQ+, sex worker, and migrant communities; people experienced with housing instability or incarceration, and people familiar with pregnancy and children in research, are encouraged to apply. Women and gender non-conforming advocates are encouraged to apply.

LAT CAB members would engage with research scientists, community survey partners, product developers, and other research partners. LAT CAB members should have a keen interest in the science behind innovation for long-acting technologies. The LAT CAB would review the state of treatment research, contribute to research protocols including those related to product acceptability, and engage in the research and development (R&D) process, including advising on research questions and trial design for long-acting technologies for malaria, HCV, and LTBI.

If you or someone you know may be a good candidate, please consider applying or forwarding this application. We invite you to carefully read the application materials for more details, which include requirements and expectations. Members are not paid for their participation, but we work with members to ensure their participation is cost-neutral and can offer to cover communications and related costs for participation.

Applications are accepted on a rolling basis.

Download materials below.

How to Apply:
1. Fill-in and submit the application questionnaire (multiple choice/short answer);
2. Provide a 1-page letter of motivation explaining why you are interested in joining the LAT CAB;
3. Provide a peer support letter from a community leader and/or civil society organization or network.

An independent review committee consists of 3 reviewers who will review eligible applications. **Application reviewers will keep all information confidential. The applications will not be shared outside the independent review team. No information will be shared in any country contexts or in any external communication.

Please answer the following application form. Only complete application materials will be reviewed. Only English-language applications will be accepted. Applicants do not have to disclose any sensitive information.

Applications and any queries should be directed to TAG’s HCV Community Engagement Officer, Joelle Dountio: